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[] 求裸族的新娘,兄弟,这你就想多了Beg naked clan bride brother this you think much

[] 裸族新娘Naked family of the bride

神秘丁卡族的“买卖鸡肉”婚俗 丁卡人的领地是一片15万平方英里的草地和稀疏的草原森林,主要分布在苏丹南部上尼罗河盆地的沼泽四周,形成一个弧形地.每逢节日到来的时候,丁卡族部落的姑娘便把自己家的肥鸡杀掉,放上香草、姜、葱、蒜等佐料清炖,然后盛在小盒里摆到场坝上去卖,等待自己喜欢的小伙子来买.如果来买鸡肉的小伙子是姑娘不如意的对象时,姑娘会加倍地要钱,小伙子见此情景,就会知趣地离去.要是姑娘看上了年轻如意的小伙子,情况就大不相同了.当两人的目光相遇时,姑娘会羞怯地低下头,躲避着小伙子的目光.于是,两个情人就端着鸡肉,搬起凳子,走进那安静的村子里,去相互倾吐爱慕之情了.Mysterious dinka marriage customs dinka territory sales of chicken is a square miles of grass and sparse forest grassland mainly distributed around the marshes of the Nile river basin in southern Sudan to form an arc in festival comes, the dinka tribe girl will kill their fat chicken put herbs such as ginger and garlic seasoning boiled and then fill in the small box set to sell to the dam waiting since Oneself like to buy if guy to buy chicken boy girl when the girl is not equal to idea of object will be doubly want money boy saw that the scene they would walk away if the girls have a crush on the young the situation is very different for people in their eyes met the girl shyly looked down from a young man so two lovers will end at the chicken lifted a stool and entered the Ann In the quiet village to exchange their adoration

非常不正常,这是有失大雅的行为It's not normal. It's not decent

[] 爱人之心人皆有之,尤其是待嫁新娘.在非洲的一些国家,姑娘们的爱美之心和多情更是让她们在自己的身体上下足功夫,有些甚至不惜自残.大家一起看看非洲新娘是如...People all have the heart of love, especially the bride to be married. In some African countries, the love of beauty and love makes them work hard on their own bodies, some even harm themselves. Let's take a look at African brides

裸族1)裸,读作:luǒ.基本字义是 露出,没有遮盖的意思.2) 族, 读作:zú, 表示有某种共同性的群.裸族就是喜无衣物遮身的一群人.参考资料:

[] 柬埔寨的占族,越南的占城,印度洋北部安达曼群岛,马来西亚马六甲市,马里亚纳群岛及非洲大陆很多国家和南美与北美国家的少数民族都有,目前属于不道德的行为几乎都是禁止了.The Cham of Cambodia the Cham of Vietnam the Andaman Islands of the northern Indian Ocean the Malacca of Malaysia the Mariana Islands and many countries on the African continent as well as ethnic minorities in South and North America all have practices that are currently immoral and almost all are prohibited

[] 很美的……其实衣服的风格……就是那种西域风情的那种,就是珠宝比较多……Very beautiful in fact, the style of the clothes is the kind of western amorous feelings of the kind is more jewelry

[] 苗族婚礼有其特别的习俗,这是肯定的,但不是全部一样,苗族有很多分支,各个分支的习俗都不一样,但约亲约戚,盛装出席,载歌载舞,吹芦笙打鼓是少不了的,婚礼颇为状观(一般人很多,涉及三亲六戚,三朋四友,因为他们平常也乐于人客走往),抛砖引玉,望采纳Miao nationality has its own special wedding customs, that's for sure but not all of the miao has many branches in every branch of the customs is not the same but about pro about qi blow lusheng drums is little not the wedding dress for festively singing and dancing very view three close many involving six qi three friends four friends because they are also willing to guests go looking out of the topic usually adopt

[] 爨族 

当女方家人发现新娘已被抢走,则会在后面追赶,并大声喊叫,追打、泼水 等等,一直追到男方家中.男方家中早已排下宴席,与亲友饮酒欢歌.新娘入门后,并不立刻解去绳索,而要先除去绣鞋,挠她的脚心,若新娘穿的是白色的棉袜,还要脱下她的袜子才能挠脚心.待她破涕为笑(表示应允婚事),才可解去捆束的绳索,行新婚之礼.而后新娘也终于可以吃饭休息了.Cuan clan "snatching namely a kind of marriage customs of primitive man by robbing other clan tribal women generally concluded the marriage of the marriage by capture also capture the so-called marriage is false of true marriage when her family found the bride had robbed would be pursued and Shouting behind after play water and so on have been already catch up with the man in the home the man home with the introduction to dinner with friends drinking song bride does not immediately after the solution To the rope and first remove the embroidered shoes to scratch the soles of her feet if the bride is wearing white cotton socks but also take off her socks to scratch the soles of her feet to be treated as she smiled through tears to say yes to the marriage can be untied the bundle of rope for the wedding ceremony and then the bride can finally eat and rest